While average cattle prices can vary based on geographical location and current demand, trade publications such as "Beef Magazine" and state agricultural departments are excellent resources for determining current prices... More » Business & Finance Industries Agriculture, and provide commodity futures price quotes for live and feeder cattle. provides the end-of-day commodity prices and historical price charts for cattle futures, while ... More » Business & Finance Industries Agriculture

A beef market price chart is available at by hovering over the Markets heading, clicking on Commodities, and then clicking on Live Cattle or Feeder Cattle under the Meats heading. The highlighted number on the... More » Food Food Facts Meat, Poultry & Seafood
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Nasdaq charts wheat prices by gathering pricing information and then ordering them on a line graph. These line graphs can be organized to display weekly, monthly or yearly data. More » Business & Finance Industries Agriculture

Benefits of a human resources information system include reducing the amount of time human resources personnel spend completing tasks, increasing the organization of company documents and policies, empowering employees t... More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR

Libraries, music, and humanities departments within colleges and universities provide resources for finding information on hip hop culture. Cornell University, the University of Houston, Columbia College and Bowling Gree... More » Art & Literature

Ritchie cattle waterers are automatic fountains that provide as much water as cattle need while limiting standing water when not in use. The water is always fresh and clean. More » Business & Finance Industries Agriculture