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As of September 2015, Marjorie Rieu is 66 years old. Rieu lives in a castle in the Netherlands with her husband, acclaimed Dutch violinist and conductor Andre Rieu.


Information about Marjorie Rieu appears on the website of her husband, violinist Andre Rieu. Fan-created websites and blogs about Andre offer additional facts about Marjorie, and she is also mentioned in news articles about him.


Andre Rieu plays and conducts waltz and classical music. Rieu founded the Johann Strauss Orchestra and rekindled a renewed interest in waltz music. He has been referred to as the "Modern King of Waltz."


Violinist Andre Rieu overcame a crippling ear virus in 2010 primarily through a combination of rest and vestibular rehabilitation therapy, a specialized physical therapy designed to help patients regain their sense of balance, states the Daily Mail. The vestibular nerve...


Andre Rieu's tour schedule is available on line at AndreRieu.com by clicking the Calendar link on the home page. Click the Upcoming Concerts link or the All Events link to view the performance and tour schedules.


Andre Rieu did not visit the United States during his 2014 tour, according to his official website. Some places he visited on the 2014 tour include the United Kingdom, Turkey, the Netherlands, Brazil and Singapore.


The official Andr� Rieu website sells DVDs of Andr� Rieu playing live in Vienna. Retail outlets such as Amazon also have the DVDs for sale.