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Boot camp for the United States Marine Corp is mentally and physically challenging, to the extreme. It is described as the toughest of the basic training programs of any military branch.


Perhaps the most famous story about Marine Corps boot camp, which is fictional, is the scenario depicted in the classic film "Full Metal Jacket." Task & Purpose, a military blog, lists a number of amusing stories about punishments administered to recruits by Marine Corps boot camp drill instructors.


View pictures of Marine Corps boot camp on the official U.S. Marine Corps website and civilian military support websites, such as Leatherneck and Recruit Parents. All sites allow photo downloads. The official Marine Corps site and Recruit Parents offer photos for sale as of 2016.


The Marine Corps Exchange (MCX) is an organization that provides costumer service to Marines and their families through sales and merchandising. This service is provided both at home and abroad.


The Continental Congress established the precursor to the United States Marine Corps, the Continental Marines, during a meeting in Philadelphia on Nov. 10, 1775. Following the end of the Revolutionary War and the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1873, the Continental Marines ceased to exist.


The length of basic training is different for each branch of the military. As of 2014, they range in length from six and a half weeks for the Air Force to 12 weeks for the Marine Corps.


Camp Lejeune is located in southeastern North Carolina near the city of Jacksonville in Onslow County. As of 2015, Camp Lejeune is 153,439 acres in size and has 14 miles of beach along the Atlantic Ocean.


Basic training, or boot camp, for the United States Army is a 10-week training course that is designed to transform civilians into soldiers, according to the Army's website. Basic combat training teaches the seven core Army values, while ensuring recruits know how to work together as a team of soldi


The salary of a Marine Corps officer depends on his rank and years spent in service. As of 2015, the starting pay of the lowest ranked officer, second lieutenant, is $2,784 a month. This increases to $3,503 a month for second lieutenants with at least three years of experience.


The Marine Corps has a history dating back to 1775, when it was established by the Continental Congress. The Marines were originally intended for use as a maritime fighting force, allowing sailors to handle the ship, but have evolved over the years into a multi-use fighting force.