The Marine Corps has a history dating back to 1775, when it was established by the Continental Congress. The Marines were originally intended for use as a maritime fighting force, allowing sailors to handle the ship, but... More » Government & Politics Military

The first step to join the U.S. Marine Corps is to speak to a recruiter. Complete a contact form at to receive local recruitment information. More » Government & Politics Military

The emblem for the Marine Corps features the eagle, globe and anchor, referred to as EGA. The eagle stands for the United States, the globe represents the Marines' worldwide presence and the anchor represents the Marines... More » Government & Politics Military

The Eagle, Globe and Anchor, the U.S. Marine Corps logo, traces its roots to the designs and ornaments of the early Continental Marines as well as the United Kingdom's Royal Marines. It originally consisted of an anchor ... More » Government & Politics Military

The Continental Congress established the precursor to the United States Marine Corps, the Continental Marines, during a meeting in Philadelphia on Nov. 10, 1775. Following the end of the Revolutionary War and the signing... More » Government & Politics Military

As of August 2015, the average Marine Corps worker makes between $23,443 and $71,353. Depending on the geographical area in which a Marine Corps employee works, the average yearly salary could be much higher or lower. More » Government & Politics Military

To enlist in the U.S. Marine Corps, complete the Contact a Recruiter form on the official Marines website to receive the contact information of a local recruiter that you can enlist with. Recruits must meet specific elig... More » Government & Politics Military