Some albums released by Marco Antonio Solis include "Casas de Carton," "Me Siento Solo," "Yo Te Necesito," "Si Me Recuerdas," "En Vivo: Una Noche en Madrid" and "Gracias por Estar Aqui." "Casas de Carton" was Solis's fir... More » Art & Literature

The En Vivo music festival took place near Madrid, Spain between the years of 2010 and 2012. The 2013 festival took place in Bilbao. As of 2015, this festival is no longer running. More » Art & Literature

"Por Fin Te Encontré," "Tu Enemigo," "Si Me Porto Mal" and "Bailando (Español)" are popular Spanish songs. As of November 2015, "Por Fin Te Encontré's" music video has over 20 million views on YouTube and is the number t... More » Art & Literature

TVN En Vivo refers to a live stream of original programming that appears on the website of Television Nacional de Chile, a state-owned national television station. Owing to geo-fencing restrictions, TVN En Vivo is not av... More » Art & Literature

The radio personalities listed at the website for La Mega En Vivo include DJ Aneudy, DJ Shino, and Natalia Turned for the program "El Vacilon de la Manana." Alex Sensation is the DJ for the "Saturday Night Mega Mix Show"... More » Art & Literature

Individuals can watch Cuban television shows by streaming Cubavision International from Fidelistas por Siempre's website or viewing select videos on Cuban Television's website. The Cuban government produces all programmi... More » Art & Literature

Connie Francis has released 53 albums in her lifetime. The 53 albums do not include any albums that were reissued or proposed but not released. More » Art & Literature