Free Map Tools provides a feature on its website that is capable of drawing a 500-mile radius around whatever point is entered into the query form. A similar radius drawing feature is found on More » Geography Maps & Cartography

Several websites calculate or list the distance between cities both on the ground, for driving purposes, and in the air, for flying purposes. As of 2015, at least two websites calculate the distance between any two citie... More » Geography

A physical feature on a map is a representation of the terrain and topography of the earth’s surface in the area shown on that map. Each physical feature has a symbol to identify it and is sometimes identified by the use... More » Geography Maps & Cartography
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To find a map of the 13 colonies, conduct an Internet search for an "original U.S. colonies map," and select the World Atlas Map. The map shows that most of the original colonies kept their shape after the war of Indepen... More » Geography Maps & Cartography

Open Street Map gives house numbers for houses in many locations internationally. Although they don't have 100 percent coverage, they do cover most large cities in the USA. More » Geography Maps & Cartography

A map marker is a symbol used to mark a point on a map. There is no universal symbol for map markers. They can be virtually any symbol or design selected by either the map maker or the person marking the map. More » Geography Maps & Cartography

A blue line on a map usually represents a stream or other water feature. Blue lines and other symbols that stand for features of the Earth's surface are found on topographic maps. More » Geography Maps & Cartography