To get driving directions on MapQuest, visit and enter the starting address and ending address into the text boxes. Click "Get directions," and the driving directions appear in a numbered list. More » Geography Maps & Cartography

To get walking directions from one place to another, visit or, click Get Directions, enter a starting point and destination, and select the walking figure as the choice of transport. Press Ge... More » Geography

MapQuest and Google Maps are two of the preeminent interactive mapping systems available online, both designed to generate reactive directions between a point of departure and a destination or along a series of destinati... More » Geography
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According to its website, MapQuest gathers its satellite image data from third-party provider i-cubed (Information Integration & Imaging), LLC. According to the website, i-cubed collects its satellite imagery from a vari... More » Geography Maps & Cartography

MapQuest provides a comprehensive map of the state of Washington at The map includes major cities and towns, landforms, bodies of water, parks and roads. A zoom feature enables users to zoom in and out of t... More » Geography Maps & Cartography

Types of services that MapQuest provide for trucks include geocoding, maps, traffic, search, data storage and directions. This service provides driving directions to a variety of countries, and drivers can check from the... More » Geography

Features that are different in regular MapQuest include a more prominent placement of a map on the homepage of the website and the ability to cut and paste addresses and default locations. Unlike MapQuest Classic, the re... More » Technology Software