Common diseases that infect maple trees include maple wilt, anthracnose, tar spot, sapstreak and phyllosticta. Maples, like all hardwood trees, are also prone to armillaria root rot. These diseases range in severity from... More »

The amur maple is a small, deciduous tree native to China and Japan. Its green leaves turn a bright red in the fall, making it a popular feature in many landscapes. More »

The Norwegian maple tree, also known as the Norway maple, has one characteristic that distinguishes it from other types of maple trees: When one of its leaf stems is broken, the stem exudes a white, milky sap. The Norweg... More »

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Japanese maple trees are susceptible to diseases such as anthracnose, verticillium wilt, tar spot, leaf spot, leaf scorch and root rot. Some of these diseases are potentially deadly, while others are usually harmless and... More »

Common diseases affecting red maple trees are Verticillium wilt, anthracnose and tar spot. Insects also destroy maple trees. Red maples are very susceptible to disease. More »

Flowering dogwood trees are susceptible to a large number of diseases, and some of them, such as dogwood anthracnose, affect pink flowering varieties more than those with white flowers. While some of these diseases only ... More »

Several diseases of the ash tree include anthracnose, ganoderma root rot, laetiporus root rot, rust, yellows and decline, according to the Penn State Extension. Other diseases include verticulum wilt, powdery mildew, can... More »