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Current districts and representatives. List of members of the Illinois United States House delegation, their terms, district maps, and the districts' political ratings according to the CPVI.The delegation has a total of 18 members, with 13 Democrats and 5 Republicans as of 2018.


Representatives. The United States is divided into 435 congressional districts, each with a population of about 710,000 individuals. Each district elects a representative to the House of Representatives for a two-year term.


Use the maps to find the legislators representing you. You can search for Illinois state senators, house representatives and Chicago alderman. The maps show the state districts and Chicago ...


Illinois General Assembly Proposed Districts - Senate Bill 1177 House Amendment 2. Proposed District Maps - Regional Views Statewide View Cook and Collar County View Proposed District Maps Legislative District 1 Legislative District 2 Legislative District 3 Legislative District 4 Legislative District 5 ...


Illinois Congressional Districts Map, 115 th United States Congress. This Interactive Illinois Congressional District map provides contact information for each Congressional Representative and both Illinois Senators. You can select a particular Congressional District by a simple point and click on the map or select from a numbered list of ...


The Illinois House of Representatives is the lower house of the Illinois General Assembly, the state legislature of Illinois. The body was created by the first Illinois Constitution adopted in 1818. The state House of Representatives is made of 118 representatives elected from individual legislative districts for a two-year term with no limits.


Note: For additional information, visit the Illinois General Assembly Web site. Note on number of legislative districts and yearly changes in legislative districts: As noted above, there are 59 Senate districts and 118 House districts in Illinois.The number of districts does not change. Nor do the boundaries of districts change within the period of a decennial census.


2011 Adopted Maps. Thank you for visiting the Illinois legislative redistricting website. To view districts, you may click on the following Google map links. This interactive feature allows you to view roads and street level detail along with the opportunity to search for your own address.


Illinois's 3rd congressional district includes part of Cook County, and has been represented by Democrat Dan Lipinski since January 2005. The district was previously represented by his father Bill Lipinski beginning in 1983.. The district includes west and southwest suburbs of Chicago as far as the DuPage County border, as well as a portion of the southwest side of the city of Chicago itself ....


Illinois House and Senate districts. May 27, 2011. Map sent to Gov. Pat Quinn by Democratic majorities in House and Senate on May 27. Each Senate district contains two House districts. Click the map for district information. Highlighted in black. Black :