Iceland can be found near the top of the world map: east of Greenland, west of Norway and south of the Arctic Circle. Iceland is located in the North-Atlantic Ocean, just south of the Greenland Sea. More » Geography Maps & Cartography

Maps of World's website offers a current map of Western Europe. It shows nine countries as members of Western Europe. Maps of World uses UNO and National Geographic Society recognition for inclusion in the category of co... More » Geography Europe

The map of Denmark has changed throughout history by expanding and contracting as the country absorbed other territories and lands before losing them. The country once controlled parts of England and Ireland in the 9th c... More » Geography Europe
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Iceland is located between Greenland and Norway and is an island in the Atlantic Ocean. With a total area of 103,000 square kilometers, Iceland is the 18th-largest island in the world. An exclusive economic zone extends ... More » Geography Europe

Eight countries have land in the frigid zone: the United States, Canada, Russia, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Greenland, which is part of Denmark. The frigid zones are the areas north of the Arctic Circle and sou... More » Geography Maps & Cartography

Maps of Florida's west coast are available online from MapQuest and the Southwest Florida Travel Guide websites. Both maps include communities, beaches, roadways, points of interest and parks along the coast. More » Geography Maps & Cartography

Maps of West Prussia can be found in the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection, a Google Maps project. In addition, maps of West Prussia may be found on genealogical sites for families that have emigrated from the area. More » Geography Maps & Cartography