The Bay of Bengal is the triangular, northeastern part of the Indian Ocean. The bay is bordered by India and Sri Lanka to the west, Bangladesh to the north and Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), Andaman and Nicobar Islan... More »

Visit to purchase a copy of the Chesapeake Bay nautical map, or view the map online at The Office of Coast Survey also offers a set of more than 10 detailed online nautical maps ... More » Geography United States The South

As of 2015, you can find a map of Chesapeake Bay at websites such as, and The Chesapeake Bay map on is linked to the Google Map view of the region and also allows users to v... More » Geography Maps & Cartography

India is bordered by the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal. India is bordered by the countries of Bhutan, Bangladesh, Burma, China, Nepal and Pakistan. India has over 1.2 million square miles of area, makin... More »

The Bay of Bengal is the largest bay in the world. A northern extension of the Indian Ocean, the bay is bordered by Burma on the east, Bangladesh on the north, and India and Sri Lanka on the west. More »

India is bordered by the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea; combined, these bodies of water account for over 7,000 kilometers of coastline. The major bodies of water within the borders of India include ... More »

The Indian Ocean spans from the east coast of Africa and south coast of Asia to the west coast of Australia and down to the Southern Ocean. The Southern Ocean isn't always recognized as an official ocean, so some sources... More »