Contour lines on a map indicate elevation or depth. Numeric notations on contour lines refer to the level of elevation, or height above sea level. More » Geography Maps & Cartography

A depression contour line is a marking on a map indicating a low point of land completely surrounded by more elevated land. The area is represented by closed concentric lines. The inner depression contour lines indicate ... More » Science Earth Science Landforms

Hachured contour lines are circular lines on a topographic map that have little teeth, or hash marks, that point into a depression that is below a higher elevation. Also known as depression contours, common geologic feat... More » Art & Literature Fine Art Drawing
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The term "contour interval" refers to the vertical distance between contiguous contour lines in terms of elevation. Commonly illustrated on a topographic map, the elevations between contour lines are uniformly spaced alo... More » Geography Maps & Cartography

A contour in geography refers to a line on a contour or topographical map that designates a specific and constant elevation above sea level. Contour lines are used to express a three-dimensional image of terrain on a two... More » Geography Maps & Cartography

Contour lines do not ever cross one another because each line represents a different elevation on a topographic map. However, contour lines may merge in the case of a vertical cliff. More » Math Geometry Shapes

The space between contour lines on a topographical map is a contour interval. The contour interval is an even space that represents an increase in elevation. For instance, if the map uses a 20-foot interval, there are co... More » Geography Maps & Cartography