You can read "Maniac Magee" online by downloading the Nook reading app, buying a Nook version of the book on the Barnes & Noble website and reading the book on the app. For a free sample of the first few chapters, click ... More » Art & Literature Literature

Jerry Spinelli's "Maniac Magee" tells the story of Jeffrey Magee, a boy who runs away from home and finds himself in a town divided by race. When he arrives in the town of Two Mills, Pennsylvania, Jeffrey becomes a local... More » Art & Literature Literature Non-fiction

"Maniac Magee" is the story of an orphaned runaway who finds himself in a racially divided town, although he does not notice this division himself. Upon arriving in Two Mills, the Beales, a black family living on the eas... More »

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The main characters of the novel "Maniac Magee," written by Jerry Spinelli, include Jeffrey Lionel "Maniac" Magee, Amanda Beale, John McNab, Mars Bar Thompson and Grayson. Maniac Magee is the main character and is an 11-... More »

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