"Maniac Magee" is the story of an orphaned runaway who finds himself in a racially divided town, although he does not notice this division himself. Upon arriving in Two Mills, the Beales, a black family living on the eas... More »

Jerry Spinelli's "Maniac Magee" tells the story of Jeffrey Magee, a boy who runs away from home and finds himself in a town divided by race. When he arrives in the town of Two Mills, Pennsylvania, Jeffrey becomes a local... More »

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To write a plot summary of a book, understand the plot lines as well as the story's development and resolution, and take note of the most interesting parts of the book. Expand the summary based on the key events of the s... More »

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In the original "Flat Stalney" book, after Stanley Lambchop is flattened by a bulletin board in his sleep, he has many adventures. His exploits involve being flown as a kite, catching art thieves and being mailed in an e... More »

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The plot of the children's book "The Cay" is that of two people marooned on a deserted island. One, a blind 11-year-old, and the other, an uneducated West Indies native, must learn to survive on the island. Initially, pe... More »

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Some study activities to review "Frindle" include inventing their own words, drawing, acting out scenes or pretending to be characters from the book, creating a movie or movie trailer script, drawing a map of the book's ... More »

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A plot synopsis is a summary of the overall plot of a novel or story. A plot synopsis is usually written after a story is finished, and it is often used when submitting a manuscript to a publisher or agent. More »