Grafted mango trees consist of a scion and a rootstock. Using grafting tape, the rootstock and scion are pressed closely together at the point where a veneer cut, which exposes the actively growing cambium region, has be... More »

Care for a mango tree by planting it in a climate with temperatures that never drop below 30 degrees Fahrenheit, using well-drained soil, watering it regularly and feeding it throughout the growing season. Prune the buds... More »

Mango wood is wood that is produced from the mango tree and is typically used in furniture production. Mango wood varies in color from dark brown to light tan. Mango wood is a medium- or coarse-grained wood that can be s... More »

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Apple trees should be grafted in the spring before growth begins, from around April to May. Grafting works best when trees are under five years old, but is still workable at almost any age. More »

Graft fruit trees by choosing a type of graft, making a cut, matching the branch and grafted piece, and binding the two ends together. You need a grafting knife, grafting tape and asphalt water emulsion compound. More »

Graft citrus trees using a technique called budding. This process involves grafting off a bud from the tree in addition to some bark and placing the bud under the bark of a host tree. More »

Growers who wish to graft new buds onto a rose tree first need a rootstock, which is a mature rose plant that acts as a host for the grafted buds. Grafting usually occurs in late winter or early spring, before the plant ... More »