MANGO clothing, based in Spain and also known as Punto Fa, S.L., manufactures garments primarily in Bangladesh. It is listed as a signatory of the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh. More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

The works of Filipino painter Fernando Amorsolo include Rice Planting, Harvest Season and Beneath the Mango Tree. These paintings are characteristic of Amorsolo's skill in affectionately and idealistically depicting rura... More »

A short-sleeved tunic, called the Ao Po'i, is one of the most important garments in traditional Paraguayan clothing. The Ao Po'i is worn by both men and women, layered over trousers for men and a long skirt for women. Th... More »

Fleece is a soft fabric used as a substitute for wool in clothing or other garments. American company Malden Mills originated Polartec, a type of synthetic fleece fabric. After Polartec's introduction, fleece material, r... More »

Bombay Creations offers an array of designer sarees, salwar kameez and women's wedding garments, while Gopal Brothers sells quality fashion clothing for men. Batra Silk & Sarees specializes in designer duppatta suits for... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Traditional clothing of Spain includes garments like the mantilla, peineta and gilet. People wear these garments during special events and celebrations, such as weddings, parades and regional celebrations. More »

Most nylon is manufactured in China, which produced 1.4 million tons of nylon fiber in 2009. The U.S. is the second-largest producer. Nylon accounted for 40 percent of the synthetic fiber made worldwide in 1970, but it h... More »