Males given female hormones see very little immediate effect, according to TransGenderCare. However, if hormones are taken regularly over the course of several years, a male taking female hormones can expect physical fem... More » Science Human Anatomy Glands & Hormones

Men who regularly take estrogen notice that their skin becomes softer, and the amount of body hair that they have decreases. The breasts enlarge slightly, and the testes decrease in size. The size of the waist decreases,... More » Health Medications & Vitamins Vitamins & Supplements

When a man takes female hormones, he may experience reduced sex drive as well as mood and personality changes, states Maine Teen Health. The side effects experienced will depend on the amount, and type of hormone taken. ... More » Health Medications & Vitamins Side Effects
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If a male takes female hormones, body fat redistributes to the legs and buttocks from the stomach, breasts develop, body hair decreases and skin softens, according to TransGenderCare. In addition to these changes, the te... More » Science Human Anatomy Glands & Hormones

The impact of female hormone therapy on the male body includes the growth of breast tissue, a softening of the skin, a reduction in body hair growth, changes in fat distribution and muscle mass, changes in the genital re... More » Science Human Anatomy Glands & Hormones

According to the BBC, blood and plasma transport hormones around the body. Many attach to hormone-specific plasma proteins, while others are free-roaming. They travel throughout the body via the extensive and complex sys... More » Science Human Anatomy Glands & Hormones

The adrenal or suprarenal gland secretes hormones into the bloodstream, says Innerbody. The outer layer of the gland, called the cortex, is yellowish in color and secretes hormones called steroids. More » Science Human Anatomy Glands & Hormones