Blue eyes are naturally cool, so Elle suggests using warm eyeshadow colors, such as bronze, gold and slate, to make them stand out. Brighter colors help offset the neutral tone in brown, eyes but warmer colors can be use... More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up

Brown eyes look fabulous and really pop with bright cobalt to navy blue, fuschia to eggplant, cool mint green to deep forest green and all shimmery metallic shades. There are so many different ways to makeup brown eyes! More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up Eye Shadow

People with hazel eyes should use autumn tones like golds, browns and greens individually or combined to accentuate their eye color. Playing with the colors and flecks of the natural eye color mimicked in eyeshadow, line... More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up
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Bringing out green eyes is generally a matter of choosing makeup and clothing colors that make the eye color stand out. Contrasting colors such as purples and plums typically make green eyes "pop," and enhancing the gree... More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up

Some creative eye makeup ideas include using bolder and brighter colors to bring more attention to the eye, adding cosmetic glitter, or even adding dramatic lashes to complete the look. The makeup heavily depends on the ... More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up

QVC's website offers a wide assortment of cosmetics, including foundations, eye shadows and liners, mascaras, brushes, and lipsticks and colors, Other cosmetic products available include makeup removers, primers, blushes... More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up

Layering eye liner, lining both the upper and lower lash lines, using black eyeliner on the upper lid and brown on the lower, and blending metallic colors with matte colors are all eye makeup tricks. These tricks make ey... More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up