To make a temporary magnet or electromagnet, students can use an iron core, surround it with copper wire and then pass an electric current through this arrangement to magnetize the nail. When making an electromagnet for ... More 禄

To build your own transformer, wrap magnet wire around two steel bars a number of times, and join the bars using two more steel bars connected perpendicularly. Test the functioning of the transformer thus made using an o... More 禄 Science Physics Electricity

You can strengthen magnets by placing them in water, stacking them on top of each other or recharging them. The method of making a magnet stronger depends on the type of magnet you have, explains HowStuffWorks. More 禄

Building a magnetic generator involves inserting a nail through the centers of two cardboard circles so the circles are 1.5 inches apart, insulating the nail between the circles, winding an insulated copper wire on the i... More 禄 Science Physics Magnetism

Kids can easily make an electromagnet using nothing more than 5 feet of copper wire, a large iron nail, a rubber band, sandpaper and an AA battery. These objects are readily available around the house, and there are few ... More 禄 Science Physics Magnetism

An iron nail can be made into a magnet by wrapping it with insulated copper wire and letting low-voltage direct current run through the coil. The iron nail will become a temporary magnet. More 禄

A nail that is used in an electricity experiment with wire coiled around it is an example of a temporary magnet. When the electrical current is on, it acts as a magnet, but when it's off, it is no longer magnetic. More 禄 Science Physics Magnetism