Lightning is caused by an electric current inside a thundercloud that connects with the ground beneath the cloud. Lightning occurs when tiny pieces of ice start bumping into one another as they travel through the air. Th... More »

Sticky car decals, clothing designs, desktop wallpapers and illustrations are four creative uses for lightning bolt graphics. Lightning bolt graphics can have either a realistic or cartoonish look. More » Art & Literature Graphic Design

Thunder, the sound that follows lightning, comes from rapid air expansion around the lightning bolt. The heat from lightning causes the air around the bolt to reach temperatures of over 40,000 degrees Fahrenheit rapidly.... More »

Lightning forms when the electrons in the bottom of a cloud are attracted to the protons in the ground. When the attraction of these electrical charges is greater than the surrounding air's resistance to electrical flow,... More »

Lightning travels at around 220,000 miles per hour when traveling downwards from a cloud, and then reaches a speed of 220,000,000 miles per hour when moving skyward on its return stroke. A flash of lightning is just 1 to... More »

Lightning forms when opposite charges between a cloud and the ground or between two clouds develop. The charges have to be large enough to overcome the resistance of air to create a visible lightning spark. A single ligh... More »

Tall buildings have lightning conductors to help transport the electrical current from a lightening strike to the ground safely. This protects the structure's electrical equipment and the materials used within the buildi... More »