To make hair dye, prepare ingredients according to the target color, and make an infusion out of herbs. Remove the herbs from the infusion, pour it into a spray bottle, and add a few drops of sweet almond oil to the mixt... More »

While the exact recipe for organic hair dye depends on the target color, to make organic hair dye at home, chop up an herbal material, mix it with hot water to make a paste, apply to the hair, process and rinse out. Maki... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color

Make green hair dye using a mix of white vinegar and green food coloring. For a brighter hue, increase the ratio of food coloring to vinegar. More »

Professional hair dye, or hair color as industry professionals prefer, is a mixture of the target color and a processor: usually peroxide. Normally, the ratio for the mixture is 1:1. More »

According to How Stuff Works, semi-permanent hair dye works by having molecules of color adhere to the hair; some molecules may penetrate the hair cuticle. A little color is removed every time the hair is shampooed. Air ... More »

Teal hair dye is a liquid, foam or gel coloring agent that changes the color of hair from its natural color to dark greenish blue. Teal hair dye can be permanent, semi-permanent or temporary depending on the brand. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color

Natural hair color, eye color, skin tone and age are all factors that determine which hair dye is best for a person. Generally, the appropriate dye complements one's physical characteristics, rather than overshadows them... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color