There are numerous ways to make your own ringtones, but most methods can be generalized into one of four categories: online ringtone making services, downloaded ringtone apps, iTunes and full-featured sound-editing progr... More » Technology Mobile

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To create a ringtone for a cell phone device, simply download the song of choice to the mobile device and save the song as the ringtone for incoming calls in a ringtone folder. Instructions for saving songs as ringtones ... More » Technology Mobile

The iPhone FAQ website offers step-by-step instructions on how to create a ringtone using the iPhone's voice memo app. First, open the app, or download it from the app store. Record the desired message. Once the memo has... More »

To set up an individual ringtone on an iPhone, click Contacts on the home screen of the iPhone. Select the appropriate contact for the ringtone, and tap Ringtone. Then select the ringtone that plays when this contact cal... More » Technology Mobile

To save ringtones that you received from a message on your iPhone, email the ringtone to yourself. Download and open the file on your computer in iTunes. Transfer the file back onto your iPhone. More »