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An easy 2-ingredient recipe for how to make your own dark chocolate chips! They have all of the richness & none of the strange ingredients! Last May when I flew to Miami for the BlogHer Food conference, I started craving chocolate chip cookies. Something about traveling triggers that craving (don ...


Make Your Own Chocolate Chips I first came across the idea of using a silicone potholder also called a “trivet” as a chocolate chip mold in a Facebook group conversation a while back. And finally gave it a shot.


Making your own chocolate chips is now super easy! You can make this DIY chocolate chips with honey sweetened chocolate, making them perfect for paleo and GAPS diets - or you can use any chocolate recipe you like! Ok, so here's the thing about me - I'm completely prejudiced against chocolate chunks.


This is probably my 20th time, so time is certainly overdue for giving you credit! Once I tried these chocolate chips, I sighed and resigned myself to never going back to store bought. Wonderful! People get so worked up about making your own chocolate chips, even accusing me of having lots of spare time.


How to Make Chocolate Chips. Did you know that you can make your own chocolate chips? They are much healthier and contain no preservatives or additives! Best of all, they are vegan friendly as well. This article will show you how to make...


How to make your own chocolate. It really is a quick and easy task to make your own chocolate at home. Now that I’ve learned how, I can’t stop making homemade chocolate bars and chocolate chips! Next up, I want to experiment with using a homemade chocolate recipe for s’mores, chocolate syrups, and whatever else I can dream up!


Making sugar-free chocolate chips is surprisingly easy and takes only simple 5 ingredients. Make these homemade chocolate chips for a great low carb and dairy-free option! Great in all your keto cookies, cakes, and sweet treats. Instructional video included. If you think you might have seen these ...


Sometimes it’s easier and better to make your own stevia sweetened chocolate chips than to rely on the options at the grocery store. Personally I can’t justify spending over $8 on a bag of chocolate chips when baking for friends and family and the other options well let’s just chalk that up to I just can’t do it.


I posted about making homemade chocolate chips a long time ago. Since that time, I’ve received several emails asking for more help and detail about how this works. It seems that many of you who tried the recipe are having trouble getting everything to melt and dissolve and mix like it should. In light of your […]


Paleo Chocolate – this recipe is technically for chocolate chunks but pro-tip: get yourself a chocolate bar mold and make your own chocolate bars with this recipe! You can even add your own fun fillings in the chocolate, like nuts and dried fruit.