To build a teepee, which is also spelled tipi or tepee, cut a large piece of canvas into a semicircle. Erect the poles, and then pull the canvas around the pole frame. More »

To make a teepee for a school project, a student can take four sticks and tie them together at one end with a string and then cover it with a paper bag. It is possible to make the teepee as small or as large as necessary... More »

To make a children's teepee, first start by choosing the teepee material, such as an old square sheet or light blanket that you don't mind cutting. Next, find four posts, including broom or mop handles that are unscrewed... More » Hobbies & Games Toys

Modern tepee construction requires a large piece of canvas and 12 wooden poles that are about 3 feet longer than the width of the canvas. About 45 feet of manila or straw rope is needed to secure the poles. Other materia... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Building Materials

Indian house names include tipi, wigwam, pueblo, longhouse, plankhouse and earthlodge. These types of houses were found in various places throughout what was to become the United States. Some were more or less permanent,... More »

One of the main differences between a wigwam and tepee is that tepees are very portable, and wigwams are much more stationary. Wigwams are dome-shaped while teepees are more tent-like. Wigwams and tepees were both dwelli... More »

There are a variety of teepees available for children, including KidKraft teepees, customizable canvas teepees, B teepees, Native American teepees and striped teepee tents. When purchasing a child's teepee, important con... More » Hobbies & Games Toys