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This video shows you how to make an airsoft pen gun which shoots bb's. It's very easy to make compared to my other tutorials, so you should give it a try! For something so small it shoots really hard.


This is a video that shows my previous BB gun but i have built a scope for it! I hope you will like it ;) Music: A Himitsu - Adventures.


How to Make a BB Gun Silencer. Do this at your own risk! The ATF has put people in prison before for making Airgun silencers. If someone at the ATF can manage to make it work on a real gun, i.e a .22 rifle, your Airgun silencer is...


Insert a BB pellet into the end of the straw and slide it down the barrel until it stops at the other end. Take your homemade airsoft gun outside. Hold the gun securely with both hands, sight down the gun barrel at a tree in your backyard and press the trigger.


Homemade BB Gun: here is my homemade springpowerd Airsoftgun. it shoots around 200 m/s i think. you can see in the images it shoots trugh cds. i can make a how to instructable if somone want s me too. I will be making a upgraded soon whit a magazine, and smaller. ...


How to Build A BB Gun Backstop I wanted to attempt (for the first time) tongue and groove wood joints. T&G joints are very strong, and becoming proficient in making this style of joint will be a useful skill for future woodworking projects.


Make a BB Gun From a Flashlight! (700fps!): In this instructable I will be showing and describing how to build your own 700fps BB gun inside a metal flashlight. These are relatively simple and cheap to make and require basic tools and a little know-how. These BB guns are not intended to be ...


How to Make a BB Gun with a Pen or Mechanical Pencil Author Info Explore this Article Using a Pen and Eraser Holder Using the Inside of a Mechanical Pencil Using a Large Mechanical Pencil Using a Small Mechanical Pencil Show 1 more...


This Homemade Automatic BB Gun Is Even More Dangerous Than It Sounds ... has now designed and built an automatic BB gun powered by a 4,000 PSI air tank that’s easily one of the most dangerous ...


The very first pellet guns were actually blowguns that date to around 125 A.D. Pellet guns have gone through many changes over the years and have been made to fire both metal and plastic ammunition. You can make your own pellet gun at home with a few tools and supplies.