The best way to find your high school diploma for free is to contact the high school from which you graduated. It is a good idea to call the high school and talk to someone in the administrative office. More » Education

Some states and districts have free high school diploma programs online for children who are residents. For adults, adult education organizations work with schools and libraries to provide diploma programs to those who d... More » Education K-12

Columbia Northern High School, West Madison High School and Aberdeen Academy High School all offer online services where a user can enroll in a free course to earn a high school diploma. However, the user must pay to phy... More » Education K-12
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To get a free high school diploma as an adult, enroll in a local free high school, and complete all the required coursework and tests. Depending on which state you live in, there may be numerous options at brick-and-mort... More » Education

Replacing a lost high school diploma entails contacting the school the person attended, learning the replacement process, submitting the required details and waiting for a response. The specific time for getting another ... More » Education

Individuals can buy high school geometry textbooks either through the publishers themselves, as in the case of McGraw-Hill's "Glencoe Geometry," or through retail educational websites such as Seton Educational Media. Lar... More » Education

To obtain an original copy of a 1976 high school yearbook, contact the school and ask if it has a copy in its archives. If you are unsuccessful, contact the yearbook publisher. If neither can help, perform an online sear... More » Education