Some states and districts have free high school diploma programs online for children who are residents. For adults, adult education organizations work with schools and libraries to provide diploma programs to those who d... More » Education K-12

The best way to find your high school diploma for free is to contact the high school from which you graduated. It is a good idea to call the high school and talk to someone in the administrative office. More »

Earning a high school diploma requires the completion of a state accredited course of study. This completion relies on earning a certain number of credits in various subjects and may require an exit exam. Various paths t... More » Education K-12

Columbia Northern High School, West Madison High School and Aberdeen Academy High School all offer online services where a user can enroll in a free course to earn a high school diploma. However, the user must pay to phy... More »

Obtain a copy of your high school diploma by contacting the school or school district from which you graduated, filling out any necessary paperwork and paying the applicable fee. The exact method varies depending on the ... More »

It is possible to receive an official copy of a high school diploma by contacting the school that originally granted the diploma. Graduates can contact the school by phone or go to the school in person. More »

To obtain copies of a high school diploma, former students must contact the high school they attended and submit a request in writing, according to the Central Kitsap School District. Each high school maintains an archiv... More » Education K-12