To make a working model of a heart, its necessary to know the basic anatomy of the organ. A simple model can be created using a plastic wide-mouthed jar, balloons, a skewer and two flexible straws used to represent a hea... More » Science Human Anatomy

Paper heart models can be made in a few ways, such as a simple origami style or as a realistic 3D model using advanced folding techniques. The easiest way to make a paper heart model is by using an origami technique. More » Hobbies & Games Crafting Paper Crafts

On March 19, 2013, on "24 Oras," one of the news programs of GMA7 TV Network, Heart Evangelista's parents revealed that her husband, Chiz Escudero, is an alcoholic and disrespectful person. In the interview, they asked E... More » Art & Literature
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An organ is defined as a group of tissues that work together to perform a specific function. Examples of an organ include the stomach, brain and liver. More » Science Human Anatomy

The main organ in the circulatory system is the heart, according to Hillendale Health. The two other major parts of the circulatory system are the blood and the blood vessels. More » Science Human Anatomy

According to Melodie Anne Coffman for The Nest, cats and humans share many anatomical similarities within the lungs, heart, digestive system, urinary tract and sex organs. Cats also share very basic elements of anatomy w... More » Science Human Anatomy

Organs located on the left side of a normal human body include the left hemisphere of the brain, the left lung, the heart and the stomach, according to Inner Body. Additional organs located on the left side include the l... More » Science Human Anatomy