Homepages are useful as a primary location for all of your web browsing. The most popular are Google, Yahoo, Bing or simply a blank page (about:blank). Many browser add-ons or websites change your homepage to their websi... More » Technology Internet & Networking

To change your homepage to Yahoo, click the Tools icon, and select Internet Options. In the Internet Options dialog box, select the General tab, and enter in the “Home Page” box. Click Apply, and OK t... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Set your homepage to BT Yahoo in the options menu of your web browser. Copy the web address for BT Yahoo into the box that allows you to designate a homepage and save the changes. Close out of your web browser and restar... More » Technology Internet & Networking
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To change your homepage to the MSN webpage, update the settings under Tools or Options in your web browser. Instructions for updating the homepage vary by browser. Microsoft browsers allow you to select MSN, and you can ... More » Technology Internet & Networking

A Web address, or URL, is an Internet address that denotes the location of a specific webpage, file or document on the World Wide Web. URL is a short for the term "uniform resource locator." Every page or file located on... More » Technology Internet & Networking

As of 2014, the ability to change a browser's homepage is located in the Options menu of the browser. By opening the menu and typing in the URL for the homepage, you instruct the browser to boot with that page loaded eac... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Changing your home page to AOL can be done in most web browsers within the Settings menu. To change your home page in Internet Explorer, select the Tools button after opening a new tab. From the Tools menu, select Intern... More » Technology Internet & Networking