The structure of table salt crystals is cubic. This means that the crystal has three axes at right angles and of equal length. Rows of alternating sodium and chlorine atoms are laid out along these axes. The resulting cr... More »

Use cool water, sea salt and knowledge of moon phases to cleanse crystals that have been used for healing. Perform this 12-hour process every month or more frequently as needed. More » Beauty & Fashion Jewelry & Watches Precious Metals & Gems

Fleur de Sel is unique among sea salts because it consists of only the youngest, smallest salt crystals harvested from evaporation ponds in Guérande, France. Harvesters use special wooden skimmers to remove these crystal... More » Food Food Facts Dry Ingredients

Quartz crystals are grown and manufactured using an autoclave. The process creates hydrothermal quartz, which are also known as cultured or synthetic quartz. More »

Because of water's fluid molecular composition, it takes longer to heat and cool than land, which has a molecular structure that is more static and dense. Convective movements and the thermal capacities of bodies of wate... More »

Salt water can refer to a solution of salt and water, or the water contained in oceans and seas that has a high level of dissolved salt. Humans cannot drink a large amount of salt water without facing adverse health effe... More »

Common table salt is odorless, white and cubic in structure. It is hygroscopic, has a melting point of 1,472 degrees Fahrenheit, a boiling point of 2,669 degrees Fahrenheit and a density of 2.165 grams per cubic centimet... More »