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To change the homepage in Google Chrome, navigate to the Settings menu. Under the section titled "On startup," select the third option to "Open a specific page or set of pages." Click the "Set pages" link next to this option, and type in the URL of the new homepage.


To set the homepage on Google Chrome, click the main menu button in the top-right corner of your window, and select Settings. Under the Appearance section, check the Show Home Button box. When the New Tab page option appears, click on the Change link to set your homepage.


Google Chrome is an Internet browser designed by Google. The software is free to download and features tabbed browsing, extensions and crash control. The browser can also be used in incognito mode, allowing users to browse the web in privacy.


To make Google your homepage on Internet Explorer, click the Tools icon, and select Internet Options from the menu. Click the General tab, and enter http://www.google.com in the Home Page section of the pop-up. Click OK, and restart your browser to see the new homepage.


Google Chrome is available for download free of charge, as of 2015. Download.com offers a download platform for Google Chrome for different computer operating systems.


Users can set Google as the homepage by clicking "Chrome Menu" at the top of the browser window and then going to "Appearance" and "Show Home Button." There, a user can choose his or her homepage.


Google Chrome can slow down due to plugins, extensions, browsing data and the hardware acceleration feature. As of 2014, Google offers a software removal tool for removing programs that interfere with Chrome's operation.


To download Google Chrome, access the browser's website. Click on the Download tab located in the top center of the page. Click on the button labeled Download Chrome.


In Google's Chrome browser, go to the browser menu and click Settings. In the Appearance portion of the menu, check the box labeled Show Home Button. Click the Change button that appears, and then click Open This Page. Put Google.com in the box, and select OK.


To clear your browsing history in Google Chrome, open the browser and find the Tools menu. From this menu, specify the clear options, and erase the browsing history.