There are about 165 major rivers in the world. These major rivers are long and wide enough to be classified as major rivers with large volumes of water flowing through them every day. They have tributaries and provide fr... More »

Major rivers in the United States included the Mississippi River, the Colorado River, the Missouri River, the Columbia River and the Rio Grande River. The longest river in the country is the Missouri River, which runs fr... More »

The longest river in the world is the Nile River. It stretches from near the equator in Eastern Africa and flows north for 4,100 miles before draining into the Mediterranean sea. More » Geography Bodies of Water

There are over 30 rivers in the United States that flow north, and over 60 throughout the entire world. The Nile, which is the longest river on Earth, is arguably the most famous river that flows in a northerly direction... More »

The five longest rivers in the world are the Nile, the Amazon, the Yangtze, the Mississippi–Missouri–Jefferson and the Yenisei–Angara–Selenge. Scientists have considered the Nile as the world's longest river, but as of 2... More »

Two of Mexico's major rivers begin in the state of Colorado: the Rio Bravo, which is known as the Rio Grande north of the border, and the Colorado River. The Colorado River lies mainly in Colorado and flows southward, cr... More »

The three longest rivers in the United Kingdom are the Thames, Mersey and Severn rivers. The Severn River runs a total distance of 220 miles, while the River Thames covers a distance of approximately 213 miles, and the M... More » Geography Bodies of Water