Major landforms found in India include the Deccan Plateau, Thar Desert, Khasi Hills, Chin Hills, Punjab Plain and other plains along the coast. India's general topography is covered by a plateau in the south, deserts in ... More » Geography Asia South Asia

The major landforms in East Asia include mountains, deserts, steppe lands, plateaus and rivers. One of the most significant of the mountainous landforms is the Himalayas, located in southeast Asia. More » Geography Asia East Asia

Some of the major landforms in Egypt include the Nile Valley, Nile Delta, Eastern Desert, Western Desert, Sinai Peninsula, Great Sand Sea and the Red Sea Hills. The country's chief bodies of waters are the Nile River, Hi... More » Geography Africa
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The landscape in India is divided into five regions: the Northern mountains, the great plains, the Thar Desert, the Central Highlands and the coastal plains. The landscape in India is diverse and varies widely according ... More » Geography Asia South Asia

India contains two deserts: the Thar Desert and the Cold Desert. The Great Rann of Kutch, a section of the Thar Desert, is sometimes listed separately as a third desert due to its unique, salty terrain. More » Geography Asia South Asia

The northern plains of India comprise a large, flat and fertile region that runs across the northern and eastern areas of India into Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. The Ganges River flows through the region, which is als... More » Geography Asia South Asia

India is a lower-middle income country, and the average worker makes about 720 American dollars per year, or about 2 dollars per day. In terms of Indian rupees, the national currency of the country, the average citizen m... More » Geography Asia South Asia