Some of the major landforms in Africa include the Kaapvaal craton and Cape Floral in South Africa, Atlas Mountains, Ethiopian Highlands, Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya, Sahara Desert, Congo River Basin, Nile River System... More »

Some of the major landforms in Egypt include the Nile Valley, Nile Delta, Eastern Desert, Western Desert, Sinai Peninsula, Great Sand Sea and the Red Sea Hills. The country's chief bodies of waters are the Nile River, Hi... More »

The three major land features of Jordan are the Jordan Valley, the Mountain Heights Plateau and the Western Desert or Badia region. These three contrasting regions give surprising diversity to Jordan's landscape, from fe... More »

Mountains in Africa include Mount Kilimanjaro, the Atlas Mountains, Mount Kenya, Mount Meru, the Simien Mountains, Mount Elgon and The Drakensberg. The High Atlas Mountains are located in central Morocco, while the Simie... More »

The physical features of Africa include the Sahara desert, Sahel, Ethiopian Highlands, savannas and rainforests. Some other major features are the Swahili Coast, Southern Africa, the Great Lakes and the Nile River. More »

The most prominent highland landform in Africa is the Ethiopian Highlands. Located in eastern Africa on what is known as the Horn of Africa, the highlands cover an area of 104,000 square miles in the countries of Ethiopi... More »

The Ruwenzori Range, Atlas Mountains, Virunga Mountains and Aïr Massif are mountain ranges in Africa. The Ruwenzori Range stretches roughly 80 miles along the north-south border of Uganda and Congo. Small lakes, river va... More »