Major landforms include continents, islands, mountain ranges, deserts and plains. Major water forms include oceans, rivers and lakes. Most other landform terms refer to smaller formations or to modifications of one of th... More » Science Earth Science Landforms

Some of the major bodies of water in Sweden include ?ngerman River, Indal River, Lagan River, Em?n River, Torne River, Lule River,?Lake Siljan, Lake V?nern, Lake Storsj?n, Lake V?ttern?and Hano Bay. Sweden is located in ... More » Geography Europe

The major landforms in Florida include the beaches, the rolling hills in the panhandle, the Everglades swamp and Lake Okeechobee. The Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico surround the state. Even though there are 1,200 ... More » Geography United States The South
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Coastal plains are flat, low-lying pieces of land that feature a body of water on one side and some type of landform on the other. According to National Geographic, a coastal plain can form either as a continental shelf ... More » Science Earth Science Landforms

Geologists consider the four major landforms to be hills, mountains, plains and plateaus. Other minor categories of landforms include, but are not limited to, canyons, valleys, buttes, basins, bays and peninsulas. More » Science Earth Science Landforms

The four main types of landforms are mountains, hills, plateaus, and plains. Other minor landforms are canyons, valleys, and basins. These are natural features that make up a terrain. More » Science Earth Science Landforms

The major landforms in the northeast of North America are the Atlantic coastal plains, Appalachian Mountains, the Adirondack Mountains and natural communities. Each is characterized by distinct geological features and th... More » Science Earth Science Landforms