Georgia's major industries are agriculture, timber and textiles. The state also benefits greatly from a military presence; Fort Benning, Fort Stewart and Robins Air Force Base are the state's three largest employers. More » Business & Finance Industries

Georgia is one of the oldest states in the United States of America. It joined the young nation as its fourth state on Jan. 2, 1788, a little over 10 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and only f... More » History Modern History US History

Alaska’s major industries include oil and gas, tourism and fishing. The largest industry is oil and gas, which provides more than 84 percent of the state’s annual budget as of 2014. Commercial fishing in Alaska results i... More » Business & Finance Industries
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Switzerland's major industries are machinery and precision instruments, watchmaking, chemicals, textiles, tourism, banking and insurance. According to a 2013 estimate presented in the CIA World Factbook, agricultural pro... More » Business & Finance Industries

Colorado's major industries include the service, agriculture, manufacturing and mining industries. There are many sub-industries that fall under these main types. The service industry is the largest with most of the stat... More » Geography United States The West

Spain's largest industries by annual output are textiles and apparel, food and beverage, metals, chemicals and shipbuilding. Tourism is also a significant contributor to the country's economy. More » Business & Finance Industries

Primary industries are those that harvest or extract raw materials from nature; they include agriculture, oil and gas extraction, logging and forestry, mining, fishing and trapping. In many countries, primary industries ... More » Business & Finance Industries