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Coal has traditionally been West Virginia's leading industry, but chemical manufacturing and biotech also make up a significant portion of the state's economy, as of 2015. The aerospace and automotive industries are also significant contributors.


The major industries in the state of Washington include agriculture, lumber, tourism, hydroelectric power, computer software, aircraft, and aluminum refining. Of those, agriculture is the leading industry, accounting for $9.5 billion of the state economy.


Georgia's major industries are agriculture, timber and textiles. The state also benefits greatly from a military presence; Fort Benning, Fort Stewart and Robins Air Force Base are the state's three largest employers.


Kentucky is the world's leading producer of American whiskey. It is also the fourth-largest truck producer and the fifth-largest automobile producer in the United States.


The key industries in Pennsylvania as of 2013 are agribusiness, energy, technology, advanced manufacturing and materials, tourism, life sciences and the film industry, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development. Among the largest is the agribusiness industry, which


The Virginia Colony, the first permanent English colony in North America, was founded to give Britain a foothold in North America, to Christianize Native Americans and to make money. Despite a terrible famine during the winter of 1610, it eventually accomplished all these goals to some extent.


Some product categories made in Massachusetts include computers and electronic equipment, instruments, industrial machinery and equipment, printing, chemicals and fabricated metals. Massachusetts is known as one of the larger industrial manufacturing centers among the states.


The major industries in Europe include automotive, aerospace and defense. Other important industries include chemicals, biotechnology and food industry. The United Kingdom is the major industrial region of Europe. Other important industrial regions are South Wales, Scotland, Germany, France and Ital


The major industries of Indiana are manufacturing, agriculture, mining and service industries. Although car and car parts have been the number one exported product out of Indiana for years, pharmaceutical sales is the fastest growing industry.


John Smith and a group of men, who were sponsored by the Virginia Company of London, were the founders of the state of Virginia. This colony was founded in May of 1607, and Jamestown became the first permanent British settlement in North America. The colony was named in honor of Queen Elizabeth I.