Some major historical world events that occurred in the 20th century include World War I, World War II and the Great Depression. All three events affected countries across the globe and helped shape future events of the ... More » History Modern History

In 1992, Bill Clinton won the presidential election, and the worst U.S.riots of the 20th century resulted from the acquittal of Los Angeles police officers after the beating of Rodney King. In the same year, the United S... More » History Modern History

Some major events in Russia's history include the settlement of Scandinavian Vikings in Kiev and Novgorod, the reign of the first czar in 1547, the expansion of the Russian Empire in the 17th and 18th centuries, and the ... More » Geography Russia
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The Crusades, World War I, World War II and September 11th all were of extraordinary importance in the course of human history, and each centered around acts of violence. Many of the most memorable and transformative eve... More » History Modern History

In 1934, 80 years before 2014, the world was in the Great Depression, Hitler named himself Fuehrer of Germany, Mussolini was Prime Minister of Italy and Roosevelt was President of the United States. The continuing Midwes... More » History Modern History

Important events in Liberia's history include its colonization by free American blacks in the early 19th century, the founding of the republic in 1847, extension of the right to vote to indigenous peoples in 1946 and a U... More » History Modern History

Notable events of 1979 include the Iranian hostage crisis, the establishment of an Islamic Republic in Iran, and Saddam Hussein coming to power, events with long-reaching consequences into the 21st century. The year also... More » History Modern History