Lake Melville in Newfoundland is the largest lake in Canada, with Amadjuak Lake in Nunavut coming in second. Canada's longest river is the Albany River, which flows from Lake St. Joseph all the way to James Bay, and the ... More »

Wildernet points out that Ohio’s major bodies of water are the Ohio River and Lake Erie. Over 44,000 miles of Ohio's waterways empty into either the southern portion of the Ohio River or northern Lake Erie. More »

The major bodies of water in Maine include rivers, lakes and ocean. Maine has a coastline of at least 230 miles bordering the Atlantic Ocean. The Gulf of Maine is the area of the Atlantic Ocean between Cape Cod, Mass., a... More »

Canada's 13 provinces and territories are, Alberta, New Brunswick, Northwest Territories British Columbia, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island , Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Quebec, Yukon and Sask... More »

The largest lake in Canada is the Great Bear Lake in the Northwest Territories. The lake is 31,328 square kilometers (12,096 miles square miles). It is the eighth-largest lake in the world. More »

Some names of major cities in Canada include Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Vancouver lies in western Canada on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in the province of British Columbia. Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal ... More »

Canada's natural resources include energy, water, forest and mineral resources. South Canada has a copious supply of natural gas, shale and coalbed methane. The country's freshwater reserves serve as a vast renewable wat... More »