The major bodies of water in California include Lake Tahoe, the Gulf of California, the Sacramento River, the San Joaquin River, Salton Sea, Clear Lake and Lake Shasta. The Gulf of California, also called the Sea of Cort... More »

The major bodies of water in Mexico are the Gulf of California (locally known as the Mar de Cortés), the Gulf of Mexico, the San Juan River and Lake Chapala (the largest freshwater lake). More »

The state of Indiana is home to a number of significant bodies of water. The largest and most important rivers are the Wabash and Ohio. Additionally, a sizable portion of Indiana's northern border consists of beachline a... More »

Among California's largest lakes are the Salton Sea, located in the state's Imperial and Riverside counties; Lake Tahoe, located in the Sierra Nevada; and Lake Shasta, a man-made reservoir located in Shasta County. The t... More »

Popular fishing lakes in California include Lake Shasta, Clear Lake, Lake Oroville, Dixon Lake and Lake Berryessa. The lakes provide opportunities to fish for a wide range of species. These and other popular fishing lake... More » Geography

The Salton Sea, Lake Tahoe, Antelope Lake, Pyramid Lake and Lake Havasu are some of California's lakes. Other California lakes include the San Luis Reservoir, Shasta Lake, Frenchman Lake, Quail Lake and Lake Davis. Silve... More » Geography Bodies of Water

The total square mileage of California is 163,695 square miles, including water. This makes California the third largest state in the country, only smaller in regards to Alaska and Texas. More »