Bodies of water in Georgia include the Chattahoochee River, Savannah River, Suwannee River, Lake Sidney Lanier, Clark Hill Lake, West Point Lake and Lake Hartwell. The state is bordered on its southeast corner by the Atl... More » Geography Bodies of Water

Greece is surrounded by large bodies of water, including the Ionian Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Sea of Crete, the Thracian Sea and the Aegean Sea. The country's many islands are all located in these five seas. More » Geography Europe Greece

Wildernet points out that Ohio’s major bodies of water are the Ohio River and Lake Erie. Over 44,000 miles of Ohio's waterways empty into either the southern portion of the Ohio River or northern Lake Erie. More » Geography United States The Midwest
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Major landforms in Georgia include the Blue Ridge Mountains, Piedmont Plateau, Appalachian Mountains, Cohutta Mountains, Stone Mountain, Chattahoochee River, Savannah River, Flint River and Ocmulgee River. The Atlantic O... More » Geography United States The South

Some of the major bodies of water in Alabama are the Alabama River, Tennessee River, Tombigbee River, Black Warrior River, Mobile River, Cahaba River, Coosa River, Tallapoosa River, Chattahoochee River, Choctawhatchee Ri... More » Geography Bodies of Water

Bodies of water in the Middle East include the Amu Darya River, Euphrates River, Indus River, Tigris River, Persian Gulf and Nile River. The largest lake in the Middle East is Lake Urmia in northwest Iran, which has a su... More » Geography Bodies of Water

The major bodies of water in Florida are Saint Johns River, Saint Marys River, Suwannee River, Lake Okeechobee and Lake George. The state of Florida has a total area of 65,758 square miles with 53,625 square miles of lan... More » Geography United States The South