The main parts of a computer are the memory, storage and central processing units, all of which are contained in the system unit. The processor reads and interprets instructions, while the memory acts as the temporary st... More »

The motherboard, hard disk drive, keyboard and power supply unit are the major parts of a computer. Computers are available in two main sizes, portable and desktop. Examples of portable computers include notebooks, lapto... More »

The three major components of a CPU are the arithmetic logic unit, the control unit and the cache. These components are integrated together as a single microprocessor that is mounted on the computer's motherboard. More »

The four main components in a computer are the central processing unit, the random access memory, the motherboard and the hard drive. These components are responsible for a computer's primary functions, including process... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

Examples of computer processing devices include the central processing unit, motherboard and memory of a computer. These devices are responsible for storing and retrieving information. More »

The central processing unit, the random access memory and the graphics card are the basic hardware components of a computer. In some cases, the graphics card may be a built-in part of the central processing unit. All thr... More »

While all three are units of memory storage on a computer, a kilobyte (KB) is smaller than a megabyte (MB) and a MB is smaller than a gigabyte (GB). There are 1,024 bytes in 1 KB, 1,024 KB in 1 MB and 1,024 MB in 1 GB. More »