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One stamp for the correct amount of postage is all that is needed to mail a CD. Stamps for any value can be purchased online or in person from any carrier company, including the United States Postal Service, UPS and Federal Express.


As of 2015, practically all membership clubs that once offered music CDs are no longer in business. In 2008, BMG Music Service claimed it no longer accepted new subscribers because it wanted to focus only on its existing members. The following year, the company ended it...


The amount of postage required to mail a CD depends on how it is packaged, with the least expensive method requiring the 2-ounce letter rate, or 70 cents, as of 2014. Heavier and thicker packaging materials could require the first class package rate of $2.32.


The primary music clubs that offered "12 CDs for the price of one" deals were BMG Music and Columbia House. However, these deals are no longer available, as of 2015.


The Columbia House CD Club ceased operations in 2009, according to ColumbiaDeals.com. As of 2015, the Columbia House brand hosts a similar movie club at ColumbiaHouse.com.


The National Mail Order Association, LLC, provides access to hundreds of mail order catalogs in addition to keeping a full listing of mail order companies. Visiting the National Mail Order Association's website will also allow customers to break down the mail order cata...


To order from Sam's Club online, visit the company's website and add the desired items to the virtual shopping cart. Members may choose the club pickup option to pick up their order at a local Sam's Club, or choose a shipping option to have their order delivered to thei...