Magnetic lines of force are used to represent the strength and orientation of a magnetic field. Sometimes referred to as magnetic field lines, this concept provides a useful way to represent various components of the mag... More » Science Physics Magnetism

The magnetic field of the planet changes the location of its poles and the polarity over time. The rotation of the iron inner core of Earth causes the liquid outer core to rotate in turn, and they produce magnetic field ... More » Science Earth Science

Scientists have hypothesized and made predictions about the cause of the Earth's magnetic fields, and the prevailing theory is that the Earth's magnetism originates from the planet's center, or core. Because scientists d... More » Science Physics
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The technical definition of magnetic force is the mechanical force exerted from a magnetic field to a magnetic pole that is placed within that particular magnetic field. Magnetic force involves the simultaneous attractio... More » Science Physics Magnetism

A Hall probe is a sophisticated instrument used to measure magnetic field strength. It is a thin film that measures the transverse voltage when it is placed in the magnetic field. The Hall probe works on the Hall effect ... More » Science Physics Magnetism

A compass works by aligning its magnetic needle with the Earth's magnetic field, which is created by the iron core deep inside the planet. A compass is exactly accurate since the Earth's magnetic north differs slightly f... More » Science Physics Magnetism

Magnetic energy is the energy within a magnetic field. This energy results in various metals either repelling or attracting each other. More » Science Physics Magnetism