Magnetic dishwasher panels cost between $35 and $45, as of 2015. The panels are typically vinyl with magnetic backing. Some covers have adhesive backing for appliances that do not have a magnetic surface. More » Home & Garden Appliances Dishwashers

Some good magnetic refrigerator covers are the Brick, Bookshelf and Chalkboard covers offered by FridgeFronts and the Bamboo and Flaking Wood covers on Kudu Magnets. Other popular covers include Blue Snow, Lego and World... More » Home & Garden Appliances Refrigerators & Freezers

The Home Depot, Lowe's and EcoFoil all sell magnetic ceiling air vent covers to fit a variety of different register types and sizes, as of 2015. The Home Depot and Lowe's both offer free shipping directly to a local bric... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance
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Types of leading dishwasher panels that are available, as of February 2015, are Rivers Edge stainless door flat panel and Whirlpool W10301577. While the latter has an impressive five-star rating on Amazon, the former has... More » Home & Garden Appliances Dishwashers

KitchenAid dishwasher panels can be purchased through websites such as KitchenAid's online parts store, Repair Clinic and Appliance Parts Pros. Additionally, Appliance Parts Pros and Repair Clinic offer phone ordering an... More » Home & Garden Appliances Dishwashers

Stainless steel dishwasher panels are available for purchase at, Sears Parts Direct and Fridge Fronts, as of 2016. Dishwasher replacement parts and prices vary by retailer. More » Home & Garden Appliances Dishwashers

People can purchase dishwasher door panels online on and, as of 2015. Door panels can also often be found by contacting the dishwasher manufacturer. More » Home & Garden Appliances Dishwashers