Magnesium chloride hexahydrate is the magnesium salt of the hydrochloric acid, HCl. Its molecular formula is Cl2H12MgO6 or MgCl2(H2O)6 and its molar mass is 203.3 grams per mole. It is highly soluble in water. Its densit... More »

Magnesium chloride is a mineral supplement used to prevent or treat low amounts of magnesium in the body, according to WebMD. A naturally occurring mineral in the body, magnesium is essential in maintaining cellular acti... More » Health Medications & Vitamins

Magnesium chloride is a mineral supplement that helps regulate blood pressure, encourages a steady heartbeat and maintains strong bones. According to WebMD, too much magnesium in the body is toxic, so when taking magnesi... More » Science Chemistry

Each of the alkaline earth metals reacts with HCl, also known as hydrochloric acid, to form hydrogen gas and its corresponding metal chloride solution. The reaction becomes stronger the further down the group the element... More »

The chemical reaction between magnesium and hydrochloric acid produces magnesium chloride and hydrogen. The balanced chemical equation for this reaction is 2HCL(aq) + Mg(s) produces MgCl2(aq) +H2(g), where the subscripts... More »

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, HCl stands for hydrochloric acid, or hydrogen chloride. It has a large number of uses, both in nature and manufacturing. More »

Iron reacts with hydrochloric acid to produce dihydrogen and iron(II) chloride. When an HCl solution is added to iron powder, the H+ and Cl- ions from hydrochloric acid disassociate. The Cl- anions form ionic bonds with ... More »