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Different Madame Alexander dolls have individual stock keeping unit, or SKU, numbers, but the titles of each doll do not contain specific model or serial numbers. The titles of Madame Alexander dolls are generally descriptive only.


Identify Madame Alexander dolls by Alexander signatures, construction materials and designs. Use online doll catalogues and antique doll books to identify various Madame Alexander dolls.


Examples of rare Madame Alexander dolls include Southern Belle, Tiny Betty, Cissy in Coral and Leopard Travel Ensemble, Maggie Face, and the Dionne Quintuplets. The value of each doll depends on condition, completeness and collector market trends.


Determine the value of a Madame Alexander doll by consulting doll reference websites, such as DollPrice.com and DollValues.com. Appraisers estimate a doll's price based on its condition, popularity and year of production.


An important tip when trying to find authentic pre-1974 Madame Alexander dolls is to ensure that the doll is still in its original packing, with the tags and the doll's original clothing. Original dolls also have Alexander markings on their back or head, and the doll ch...


To access a Madame Alexander catalog, download it for free under the Catalog Archives heading at the bottom of the company's webpage, MadameAlexander.com. The catalogs are not for sale through the website.


Madame Alexander makes four different Scarlett O'Hara dolls, as of October 2015. Each doll wears a different outfit: a portiere dress, a prayer dress, a wedding dress and a mill dress.