The seventh and final season of the AMC television drama, "Mad Men," consists of 14 episodes split into two parts and, as of September 2015, can be viewed online from Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Xbox and Netflix. The fi... More » Art & Literature

The seventh and final season of "Mad Men" aired in two parts. The start date for the first part of the season was April 13, 2014 and the second part began airing on April 5, 2015. More » Art & Literature

Seasons one through three of the "Longmire" television series are available for streaming online from Amazon, Netflix, Vudu and iTunes or for purchase as DVD box sets; however, season four is only available through Netfl... More » Art & Literature
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"The Killing" can be watched online via Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play. Although it was popular, the show only aired for three seasons on the AMC network. Netflix independently produced a six-episode fourth sea... More » Art & Literature

As of June 2015, episodes of "Bill Nye the Science Guy" are available streaming on Netflix with a paid monthly subscription, on Google Play and Amazon for a low fee per episode, and on YouTube at no cost. More » Art & Literature

"Temptation" is available online through iTunes, VUDU, Amazon Video and Google Play. Each company streams it to rent or own. As of 2016, no streaming website offers users the ability to watch "Temptation" for free. More » Art & Literature

"The Lion King" is sometimes available from digital download services such as Amazon, iTunes and Netflix, but goes through periods of unavailability due to Disney release policies. The film is generally only available fo... More » Art & Literature