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We set about our task quickly, following customer-supplied blueprint with care and precision. By applying our Millpower CNC milling machine to D-2 tool steel, ...


the EDM process on tool steels. The influence of spark erosion on the machined material is completely different to that of conventional machining methods.


Mar 30, 2020 ... Others have taken the next logical step by simply clamping onto a hardened piece of tool steel and machining a die or mould in one fell ...


Our CNC machining centers and grinders allow us to process pre-machined squared material. ACCU-SQUARE™ will save valuable labor time and increase productivity.


To ensure high surface quality, fine grained tool steels with dispersed carbides are used. Thus, a mean roughness value Ra of some 10 nm can be realized.


Cutting speed has no effect on surface roughness and main cutting force in machining of the steel in annealed condition. 1. Introduction. Tool steels for ...


In this work, D2 high carbon and chromium tool steel has been machined using electrical discharge machining with the multiple hole electrode technique.


Hey there everyone. Been lurking around here for quite some time and have learned quite a bit. Ive only been programming/machining for a ...


This product can be produced from alloy, carbon, and/or tool steel, and we are able to machine components such as this with turnarounds of 5 to 7 days.


Alloys Unlimited & Processing provides pre-machining of single step crankshafts with blind I.D.. ... H13 Tool Steel, A2 Tool Steel, D2 Tool Steel


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