Macaroni penguins eat mostly krill, supplemented by some squid and small amounts of fish and flat-bodied crustaceans. Some populations migrate long distances to the Indian Ocean to take advantage of large krill and crust... More »

Macaroni penguins, otherwise referred to as eudyptes chrysolophus, spend most of their time in cold oceans, have an incubation period of 33 to 40 days and eat a diet of squid and krill. Macaroni penguins have yellow-oran... More » Pets & Animals Birds Penguins

Penguins do not hibernate during the Antarctic winter; instead, they take advantage of the cold weather to feed and to reproduce. With their layer of blubber, insulating fur and oily coats, penguins are highly adapted to... More »

The emperor penguin's typical diet consists of fish, krill, squid and crustaceans, though the actual composition of their diet varies from population to population. Fish is the most important food source for emperor peng... More »

Penguins generally eat fish, squid and krill, though their diet depends on the species. Generally, penguins living close to the equator eat more fish, while penguins in arctic climates rely on squid and krill for sustena... More »

King penguins eat squids and fish. A carnivorous animal, king penguins especially like consuming the lantern fish. However, they also dine on other species of small fish, krill and small crustaceans. More »

The types of fish that penguins eat include sardines, smelt, herring and anchovies. Fish make up different portions of the diets of different species of penguins. For instance, fish make up four percent of the diet of ch... More »