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Screen for a wide range of conditions and diseases; Help diagnose various conditions, ... The percentage and absolute counts are determined for lymphocytes, ...


percentage of a given WBC type (for example, neutrophils) by the overall WBC ... as the absolute lymphocyte count is at the lower end of the reference range.


32-36. Differential White Blood Cell Count. Normal Pediatric Values. White Blood. Cells. Neutrophils. Lymphocytes. Monocytes. Age. (x 103/µL). (%). (x 103/µL).


lower range for each age was taken to be 50% of that in Nathan and. Orkin ... lymphocyte percentage obtained by local hematology laboratories). RESULTS.


Mid-range percent. Basophils normally constitute 1% or less of the total white blood cell count. Eosinophils, normally about 1-3% of the total white blood ...


Lymphocytes (Percent). Optimal Result: 20 - 40 %. Lymphocytes are cells that work in our immune system and thus belong to the white blood cell family.


showed increased relative percentages of naive T-helper cells, B cells, immature B cells, and ... The percentage values for all lymphocyte subpopulations ...


percentage values for T lymphocyte subsets CD3+, CD3+/CD4+T,. CD3+/CD8+T, ... RESULTS Ranges of absolute values and percentages (%) were: total.


Interpretations. The normal percentage of lymphocytes which should be present in the body is 25%-30%. An increase in the cell can cause hepatitis ...


**Normal values are noted in parenthesis 1. Neutrophils (3,000-7,000 cells/µL; 60-70% of WBC) These cells make up more than half of the white blood cells in ...